InvtAI V2 Docs


InvtAI aims to address encapsulate the core challenges faced by startups and entrepreneurs in the web3 and cryptocurrency ecosystem.
Challenges of Web3 startups and businesses in navigating wild crypto space

1. Difficulties in Web3 Business Strategy and Technical Complexities

Startups face challenges in mastering the technical nuances of blockchain and crafting strategies that adapt to the fast-evolving web3 landscape, hindering their ability to innovate and scale effectively.

2. Limited Fund and Capital Conundrum for Founders

Web3 founders often grapple with securing sufficient funding due to the volatile nature of the crypto market and investor skepticism, impacting project development and growth.

3. A Lot of Speculations and Lack of Market Intelligence

Navigating through speculative noise to find actionable market insights is challenging, making it difficult for startups to make informed decisions and predict market movements accurately.

4. Struggles in Marketing, Community Building, and User Acquisition

The unique dynamics of the web3 space demand innovative marketing and community engagement strategies, which startups find difficult to implement effectively for user acquisition and retention.

5. Need for Rapid Development

The pressure to develop and deploy web3 applications swiftly is hampered by technological complexities and resource limitations, posing a significant barrier to capturing market opportunities in a timely manner.