⚖️Monitoring and Adjusting

  1. Monitor Interactions: Regularly check the group to ensure that the prompts are engaging and the interactions are positive.

  2. Collect Feedback: Gather feedback from group members to understand what prompts work best and what topics they are interested in.

  3. Adjust Prompts: Based on feedback and interaction data, refine your prompts to keep the conversations fresh and engaging.

  1. Moderator Oversight: Evaluate Moderator Performance and Manage Access in the Telegram Group.

Assess Moderator Status: Vigilantly review the status of each moderator within the group. A green-colored dot signifies a commendable performance, indicative of a healthy moderation approach. Conversely, a red-colored dot raises concerns, indicating a need for immediate intervention.

Enable and Disable Moderators: Empower the group with effective moderation by enabling duly vetted and responsible moderators. Grant them access privileges to fulfill their role effectively. Equally important is the ability to discern underperforming moderators. When faced with a red-colored dot, swiftly take action by disabling their access. This strategic measure ensures that the group's quality standards remain unblemished.

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