⚙️Discord Bot Guide

Install the InvtAi Discord bot in your Discord server.

  1. Add the InvtAi Assistant Bot to your Discord server.

  • Click here to add it now.

If you are logged out, please log in with your Discord credentials.

  • Select a server to add the InvtAi Bot to.

Ensure that you grant the "Administrator" permission.

  • Click the "Authorize" button.

  1. Connect your Discord server to the InvtAi service.

  • Run the "/connect" command in the Discord channel.

  • Click the "Register Now" button.

After clicking 'Register Now,' you will be redirected to https://app.invt.ai/discord. If you are signed out, please sign in. Then, the 'Discord' page will open.

  • Submit the Discord server information.

On this page, write a simple description of your group, community, or project. Finally, click 'Submit' button.

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