📬Setting Prompts

Add prompts or messages and Click "Update" button to save them.

  1. Creating Engaging Prompts: Craft engaging prompts that moderators will use to interact with the group. For example, "What's your favorite topic to discuss?" or "Welcome to our Community! Share a useful tip related to our group theme."

  1. Share project updates or notifications: Post a message regarding the project. For instance, 'Here is our latest roadmap. Do you have any questions?' or 'Have you heard about our latest news? ...'

  2. Interact with InvtAi Bot to access a wide range of databases, including community knowledge, AI responses, real-time data, and internet-based information. For example, you can ask questions like '@InvtAIBot What is the current price of Bitcoin?', '@InvtAIBot What is InvtAi?', or '@InvtAIBot What are our Tokenomics?'

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