🖇️History Management

InvtAI is equipped with powerful conversation history management features that enhance your user experience. These features allow you to conveniently organize, edit, remove, and search for specific conversations. Here's how you can make the most of these capabilities:

  1. Conversation List in the Sidebar:

In the sidebar, you will find a comprehensive list of your conversations. This list serves as a centralized hub where you can access and manage your past interactions with InvtAI.

Each conversation is represented by a title that provides a brief overview of the topic or query discussed.

  1. Editing Conversation Titles:

To make it easier to identify and locate specific conversations, you have the option to edit the conversation titles. Simply locate the conversation in the sidebar that you wish to rename, and select the "Edit" option.

This allows you to provide a more descriptive or memorable title that accurately reflects the content or purpose of the conversation.

  1. Removing Conversations:

If you no longer require certain conversations to be displayed in your conversation history, you can remove them from the list. Locate the conversation you want to remove in the sidebar and select the "Remove" option.

This action will remove the conversation from the list, decluttering your view and ensuring a more streamlined experience.

  1. Pinning Conversations:

In situations where you want quick and easy access to specific conversations, you have the ability to pin them to the top of your conversation list.

By pinning a conversation, it remains prominently displayed at the top of the sidebar, making it readily accessible whenever you need to refer back to it.

To pin a conversation, locate it in the sidebar and select the "Pin" option.

  1. Searching by Conversation Titles:

To quickly find a particular conversation amidst a long history, you can utilize the search functionality based on conversation titles.

Locate the search bar, positioned at the top of the sidebar, and enter keywords or the specific title of the conversation you are searching for.

InvtAI will filter the conversation list to display relevant results, allowing you to locate the desired conversation with ease.

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