🛠️Setting Moderator Accounts

1. Navigate to Telegram Group:

Look for the InvtAI telegram bot page by clicking "InvtAI Bots" menu in the sidebar.

Click "View Bot" button.

2. Open Auto-Engagement Page:

Click "Auto-Engagement" tab in Bot setting page.

3. Set Moderators

All moderators will be listed here. You can also add new moderators.

1) Add Moderator

Enter the moderator's name and his Telegram phone number, then click the '+ Add' button.

2) Verify Moderator

Click the expanded button to verify the moderator.

Retrieve the verification code in your Telegram(If you didn't receive the code, then click the 'Resend' code button), input it, and then click the 'Verify' button.

3) Enable/Disable Moderators

By clicking the enable/disable button, you can enable or disable moderators for use in this Telegram group.

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