Our Features

InvtAI encompasses a robust set of features designed to cater to the nuanced needs of web3 startups and businesses, leveraging AI to streamline operations, enhance decision-making, and foster community engagement. Here's a detailed look at InvtAI's key features:

1. AI-Powered Consulting

  • Provides personalized business strategy and technical advice, helping startups navigate the complex web3 landscape.

  • Leverages machine learning to offer insights on market trends, competitor analysis, and potential growth opportunities.

2. Custom Market Intelligence:

  • Delivers real-time market analytics and predictive insights, enabling businesses to make informed decisions amidst the volatile crypto market.

  • Uses advanced algorithms to sift through vast amounts of data, identifying actionable intelligence and trend forecasts.

3. Automated Content Creation:

  • Streamlines the production of essential business materials, including pitch decks, whitepapers, and landing pages, through AI-driven tools.

    • Pitch Decks: Streamlining the process of creating compelling and visually appealing pitch decks to effectively communicate business models and value propositions to potential investors.

    • Whitepapers: Generating detailed and informative whitepapers that articulate the technical and economic underpinnings of web3 projects, crucial for establishing credibility and attracting stakeholders.

    • Landing Pages: Facilitating rapid development of professional, user-friendly landing pages that serve as the digital front door for projects, enhancing online presence and user engagement.

  • Enhances branding and marketing efforts with high-quality, tailored content generated quickly and efficiently.

4. Community Management Chatbots and Customer Live Chat:

  • Community Management Bot: Offers 24/7 community support and engagement across platforms like Telegram and Discord, powered by sophisticated AI chatbots.

  • Customer Live Chat AI Bot: In addition to community management chatbots, InvtAI introduces a customer live chat AI bot, designed to offer real-time, interactive support directly on startups' websites

5. Launchpad and Fundraising Support (Coming Soon):

  • Facilitates connections between startups and potential investors, supported by AI-enhanced presentations and analytics.

  • Increases the likelihood of successful capital raising through expert guidance and comprehensive project showcasing.

6. DAO Integration (Coming Soon):

  • Incorporates $INVT utility token for ecosystem transactions, rewards, and governance, promoting active community involvement.

  • Enables token holders to participate in DAO voting, staking, and launchpad allocations, reinforcing the democratic and participatory nature of the ecosystem.


InvtAI's features are meticulously designed to address the multifaceted challenges of the web3 and cryptocurrency sectors. By harnessing the power of AI, InvtAI not only simplifies complex processes but also amplifies opportunities for growth, innovation, and community engagement, setting a new benchmark for AI integration in the web3 space.

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