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Utilizing the InvtAI Assistant Bot(Telegram/Discord) for Community Interactions

InvtAI boasts a diverse range of bots, each serving unique purposes. Specifically, we offer a Assistant bot designed for communities. By submitting relevant information about your Telegram/Discord community and training the bot using your business documents, you can automate interactions with users seamlessly.

Here's how it works: when a user poses a question in your Telegram group or Discord channel, the InvtAI bot comes into action. It responds to queries based on the knowledge acquired from training your business documents, leveraging the extensive capabilities of GPT knowledge, and even harnessing the power of Google Searching.

This powerful combination enables your community to provide prompt and accurate responses to users while offering a wide range of knowledge. With the InvtAI Assistant bot, your community can provide valuable insights about your business at any time, delivering efficient and reliable assistance to users seeking information.

Embrace the potential of our Assistant bot to enhance your community's interactions, share expertise, and extend your reach to a wider audience. Through the seamless integration of trained business documents, GPT knowledge, and Google Searching, you can create a dynamic and informative environment where users receive real-time answers to their questions.

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